Business – Smiling With Hands In The Air

A motivational picture of hands in air with smiles with the quote: Our job is not to straighten each other out, but to help each other up. By: Neva Cole
Our job is not to straighten each other out, but to help each other up. == Neva Cole ==

"Lift people up!! Help each other. If only the whole world could get this concept and put it into practice each day - wow- can you imagine what it would be like? Try it for one day, then another, then the next. True leadership, in any capacity, does this. Everyone is a leader at some point in time in their life. If you're a parent, you're a leader. If you're married or in a relationship, you're a leader. Have a job? Guess what? You're a leader too. You have to tell yourself what to do each day, right? Lead yourself with your best foot forward and believe me, people will take notice. Have a fabulous day giving freely from your heart,"
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Business, Motivational Pictures

Business, Motivational Pictures
"We will not be driven by fear...if we remember that we are not descended from fearful men...."
Written By-- Edward R. Murrow

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"Success is not forever and failure is never final."
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"It is better to look for what works before you focus on what's broken."
Written By-- C.W. Metcalf

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