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A motivational picture of man with hands in the air with the quote: What do winners do?  We emphasize, we adapt and we overcome. By: JoAnna G.
What do winners do? We emphasize, we adapt and we overcome. == JoAnna G. ==

"You are a winner! You've made it to today so you have overcome a lot. Life is so interesting and amazing. It forces you to grow, to adapt, to learn and to keep going. Congratulate yourself and think about how your day is so far. Winners know that you have to keep your attitude focused and grateful all the time. Not just when things are running smoothly, but every day, no exceptions. Life may try to knock you down, but don't give up and don't give in. Show life that you are tough and you're going to keep moving forward no matter what."
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Business, Motivational Pictures

Business, Motivational Pictures
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