Life – Looking Down From The Mountaintop

A motivational picture of man looking from mountaintop with the quote: Dare to be remarkable. By: Jane Gentry
Dare to be remarkable. == Jane Gentry ==

"Challenge yourself if you're not happy with where you are. Motivatation comes from within. You can be inspired to do anything. Find the goal you tucked away for another day and bring it back in the present to determine your future. You can do it - remarkable you is waiting."
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Life, Motivational Pictures

Life, Motivational Pictures
"At night when I close my eyes, I get the best of my life. Then a little later, from sunset..."
Written By-- Jazz

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"Don't burn bridges. You'll be surprised how many times you have to cross the same river...."
Written By-- Jackson Brown Jr.

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"Move to the rhythm of your soul, and you'll never miss a beat."
Written By-- Vicki Virk

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